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Spire and OroraTech will launch a fleet of wildfire-monitoring satellites

The past few wildfire seasons in the United States and Canada have been some of the most memorable — and dangerous — on record. But despite the billions of dollars that each government pours into

Ramon.Space wants to take on-orbit computing infrastructure to the next level

The commercial space industry is populated with new services and applications that would’ve been unimaginable even 20 years ago. None of this new activity would be possible without a robust computin

Airmo combines space and climate tech with emissions-monitoring satellites

German startup Airmo is taking aim at climate change, with plans to launch a 12-satellite constellation to monitor greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across the planet. To fuel its ambitions, the company

Max Q: Welcome to the era of MaaS (microgravity-as-a-service)

In this issue: Atmos Space Cargo's research and manufacturing space capsule; another anomaly hits Launcher's Orbiter space tug; news from NASA, and more.

Anduril’s teeing up to take larger defense market share with latest acquisition

Defense technology company Anduril Industries has acquired Adranos, a startup that manufactures solid rocket motors for in-space and terrestrial applications. The two companies did not disclose the te

Atmos Space Cargo is building return capsules for in-space research and manufacturing

The International Space Station has a monopoly on in-space research, but the huge surge of interest in commercial space is starting to change that. Atmos Space Cargo, a German startup, is looking to o

Rocket Lab doubles down on marine booster recovery with next Electron launch

Rocket Lab’s next Electron mission will include another marine recovery attempt of the rocket’s booster, the latest step by the company to advance its reusability program. The mission, called

Continuum Space Systems wants to make space mission management easy

Space mission management is a complicated beast, too often characterized by complex workflows and information siloes that cost organizations time and money. Continuum Space Systems, a two-year-old sta

Andreessen Horowitz, Shield Capital back satellite bus manufacturing startup Apex Space

Satellite bus manufacturing startup Apex Space has closed a $16 million Series A round co-led by Andreessen Horowitz and new investor Shield Capital as it prepares for its first demonstration mission

Launcher’s Orbiter glitches in orbit, forcing emergency deployment of space startups’ payloads

Launcher’s Orbiter spacecraft experienced an anomaly after reaching orbit that will likely result in the premature end of its customers’ missions, including Starfish Space’s Otter Pu

Rocket Factory Augsburg aims to launch from French Guiana in 2025

Rocket Factory Augsburg (RFA) will build a dedicated launch pad at the Guiana Space Center (GSC) in French Guiana, with launches commencing in 2025, the company said Wednesday. RFA signed a binding ag

Danti uses natural language processing to make searching Earth data simple

Commercial and defense organizations have an Earth data overload problem: They collect vast amounts of heavily siloed data, with few ways to quickly synthesize insights and deliver them to the people

Wherobots is building a data platform to treat spatial data as a ‘first-class citizen’

Many companies collect an enormous amount of geospatial and time data, but they’re unable to unlock enormous value from that information due to a lack of an easy-to-use, dedicated geospatial databas

Max Q: Firefly Aerospace is making moves

In this issue: Firefly's making moves with summer launches and a new acquisition; Layoffs at Ursa Major; News from NASA and more.

Firefly buys Spaceflight Inc. to boost on-orbit services

Firefly Aerospace has acquired launch and in-space transportation service provider Spaceflight Inc. in a bid to expand its on-orbit capabilities for customers. Firefly did not disclose the terms of th

Layoffs hit rocket engine maker Ursa Major

Update: Ursa Major confirmed to CNBC that layoffs had occurred, which sources cited put at around 80 people, or more than a quarter of the company’s workforce. At least 14 people have been laid

NASA spends $45M to seed tech from hundreds of space businesses

Hundreds of small aerospace businesses will receive grant funding from NASA to accelerate their technologies, as part of a wider government program to seed cutting-edge American enterprises. A total o

Nuview’s lidar satellites hit $15M in funding with Leonardo DiCaprio among investors

Nuview, a startup that wants to map the entire landmass of Earth on an annual basis using space-based light detection and ranging (lidar) technology, has raised $15 million so far, TechCrunch has excl

Firefly targets August for NASA CubeSat launch

Firefly Aerospace is now targeting August to launch a batch of CubeSats for NASA, rather than July, in what is shaping up to be a busy summer for the small launch company. Firefly disclosed the new la

Max Q: Another day, another delay

In this issue: Pixxel's new investor; Mission delays for Boeing, Rocket Lab; News from SpaceX and more
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