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Legacy automakers suffer another blow as Aston Martin spurns Mercedes-AMG’s electrified tech

For over a century, automakers differentiated themselves with gas-powered engines. With EVs, all that expertise goes out the window.

TikTok could soon bring its new e-commerce store to the US

TikTok could be launching an online retail store in the U.S. as early as next month. The in-app shopping section would feature TikTok’s own line of products — supplied by manufacturers in Chin

Nubank’s CEO explains what the US could learn from LatAm fintech

Hello, and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. All the cool kids are filling out the Equity listener survey

Hello Alice, Global Entrepreneurship Network unveil $70M Equitable Access Fund

The Equitable Access Fund will be deployed over the next five years with aims to improve equitable access to credit and unlock up to $1 billion in credit for small business owners.

No SSN, no problem, says Maza, a fintech startup aimed at undocumented immigrants

There are many fintech companies offering digital banking services to a variety of demographics, but one segment of the population has been underserved more than others: the undocumented immigrant.

PayPal launches support for Tap to Pay on Android for merchants using Venmo and Zettle in the US

PayPal announced today that the company is launching a tap-to-pay feature for merchants with an Android phone through the Venmo and Zettle apps in the U.S. As a reminder, PayPal owns both Venmo and Ze

Workflow automation startup Parabola raises $24M

Parabola, a San Francisco-based startup that uses AI to help expedite back-office processes, particularly in the logistics and e-commerce sectors, today announced that it raised $24 million in a Serie looks to simplify event streaming with open source and SaaS products

Startups have been looking for ways to disrupt event streaming, popularized in the last decade by Kafka, the open source event streaming platform. Just this week we looked at Redpanda getting a $100 m

Databricks builds a data mesh with the launch of Lakehouse Federation

Databricks today launched what it calls its Lakehouse Federation feature at its Data + AI Summit. Using this new capability, enterprises can bring together their various siloed data systems and discov

Slang taps AI to answer phone calls for brick-and-mortar businesses

For business owners, phone calls can be an enormous time waster. Take the restaurant industry, for example. Calls can lead to more important tasks being overlooked, like doing inventory, balancing sta

A comprehensive list of 2023 tech layoffs

Last year’s techwide reckoning continues. In 2023, layoffs have yet again cost tens of thousands of tech workers their jobs; this time, the workforce reductions have been driven by the biggest names

Carl Pei’s Nothing raises something – $96M – ahead of the launch of its Phone (2)

Smartphone sales are in decline as handset makers grapple with saturated markets and a tough consumer economic climate. But some are betting on a future where new approaches in design and tech will st

Ramon.Space wants to take on-orbit computing infrastructure to the next level

The commercial space industry is populated with new services and applications that would’ve been unimaginable even 20 years ago. None of this new activity would be possible without a robust computin

Joby Aviation receives permit to fly first eVTOL built on production line

Joby Aviation has reached a series of milestones that put it on track to deliver its first electric aircraft to a customer by 2024 and commercialize an air taxi service by 2025. Joby’s Marina, C

DoorDash introduces a slew of new features, including an ‘Earn by Time’ option for delivery people

DoorDash is introducing a series of new features for users and delivery people on its platform, the company announced on Wednesday. Most notably, DoorDash is going to start giving delivery people the

ChatGPT: Everything you need to know about the AI-powered chatbot

ChatGPT, OpenAI’s text-generating AI chatbot, has taken the world by storm. It’s able to write essays, code and more given short text prompts, hyper-charging productivity. But it also has

Unaric exits stealth with $35M to buy and consolidate Salesforce-ecosystem startups

A new company is emerging out of stealth today with $35 million in funding and a plan to acquire and consolidate startups within the Salesforce ecosystem. Unaric, as the company is called, has secured

Astrix Security, which uses ML to secure app integrations, raises $25M

Astrix Security, a platform that helps companies manage and secure third-party app integrations, today announced that it closed a $25 million Series A funding round led by CRV with participation from

Bitpanda’s crypto exchange separates from Bitpanda and secures $33 million

Fintech startup Bitpanda is splitting into two companies as Bitpanda Pro — the company’s cryptocurrency exchange — is going to become its own independent company called One Trading. As part of t

Fairphone CEO Eva Gouwens to step down

Fairphone CEO Eva Gouwens has announced that she’s stepping down, some five years after landing in the hotseat. Founded out of the Netherlands back in 2010, Fairphone has set out to differentia
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