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Google introduces a new shop tab for rentals and purchases on Android TV

Google today announced a new “Shop” tab on Android TV to let users browse titles that are available to purchase and rent. The company is rolling out this feature on all Android TV devices

PayPal launches support for Tap to Pay on Android for merchants using Venmo and Zettle in the US

PayPal announced today that the company is launching a tap-to-pay feature for merchants with an Android phone through the Venmo and Zettle apps in the U.S. As a reminder, PayPal owns both Venmo and Ze

Twitter now allows subscribers to post 25,000-character-long tweets

Since Elon Musk has taken over Twitter, the platform has been expanding the limits of content you can post through one tweet. In its latest move, the company has increased the character count for a tw

Meta is rolling out new parental control tools for Instagram and Messenger

Meta announced new parental control tools across Instagram, Facebook and Messenger today. This includes a new parental supervision hub in Messenger, a feature that pre-emptively blocks unwanted DMs on

WhatsApp Business crosses 200M MAUs, introduces personalized messages feature

Meta announced today that WhatsApp Business, its app designed specifically for small businesses, has crossed the mark of 200 million monthly active users — up from 50 million in 2020. As the company

Netflix quietly axes its basic plan in Canada

Netflix has quietly killed the $9.99 CAD per month basic plan in Canada for new subscribers, as first noted by the Canadian publication BlogTo. This simplifies the streaming company’s offering b

Google introduces new accessibility and collaboration features for classrooms

Google introduced new accessibility and learning features on Tuesday at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) expo. These features included expansion of the reading mode, pairin

Reddit is battling moderators marking their communities NSFW

After adopting different forms of protest like exclusively posting John Oliver pictures or changing the topic of the subreddit, moderators have rebelled against the company by marking their subreddits

Bumble is testing a separate BFF app for finding friends

Dating app Bumble said that it is testing a separate BFF app in select markets to let people find friends. The company added that it plans to release this app in the U.S. this year. Earlier this week,

Apple will automatically assign an Apple ID passkey for users with iOS 17 and macOS Sonoma

Apple will automatically assign a passkey to each user so they can log into Apple accounts on the web without needing any password. The company will allocate a passkey to Apple IDs starting with iOS 1

Otter is introducing a meeting-oriented AI chatbot

Automatic transcription service Otter announced a new AI-powered chatbot today that will let participants ask questions during and after a meeting and help them collaborate with teammates. Otter AI Ch

Amazon will hold its Prime Day 2023 shopping event on July 11-12

Amazon announced today that it will host the annual Prime Day shopping event on July 11-12. The company typically offers a lot of discounts to customers to boost sales numbers during this event. The c

Instagram now finally allows users to download public Reels

Instagram is finally letting users download Reels posted by others so they can share them outside the app. Rival short video app TikTok has had this feature for years and gained popularity by people w

Spotify will reportedly launch hi-fi audio through a costlier premium subscription

A couple of years after its original announcement, Spotify will finally launch its hi-fi tier with lossless music streaming through a “Supremium” plan later this year, which might cost mor

WhatsApp introduces feature to automatically silence calls from unknown numbers

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature to automatically silence calls from unknown numbers. This comes after multiple customers in India, the chat app’s biggest market with more than 500 million

Reddit communities adopt alternative forms of protest, as the company threatens action on moderators

Multiple subreddits are adopting alternative methods of protesting, such as publishing only one kind of post, changing the topic in focus, and days when the community turns private. A lot of these com

Radiant is a no-frills iOS client for Mastodon

While platforms like Reddit and Twitter are changing rules and making life difficult for developers of third-party clients, the ecosystem of Mastodon apps is still growing. Today, indie developer Jake

Reddit CEO lashes out on protests, moderators and third-party apps

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman is not backing down amid protests against API changes made by the platform. In interviews with The Verge, NBCNews and NPR, Huffman defended business decisions made by the com

Instagram is rolling out its Channels feature for broadcasting messages globally

Meta announced today that it’s rolling out Instagram’s Channels features for broadcasting messages globally. Until now, the feature was available to select creators and users. Mark Zuckerb

Twitter is facing a $250 million lawsuit filed by major music publishers

A music publisher’s coalition that includes big names like Universal Music Corp., BMG, Warner Chapell and Sony Music Publishing is suing Twitter for copyright infringement. The National Music Pu
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